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Megan Crawford


Hailing from the breathtaking mountains of East Tennessee, Megan's roots are firmly planted in the charm of small-town living. Raised in a close-knit community, she cherishes the laid-back, unhurried pace of life that defines her upbringing. From a young age, Megan's spirit was fueled by her active involvement in sports—whether it was dancing and playing soccer in her early years or later discovering her passion for basketball and volleyball.

Post-college, Megan sought out an outlet that matched the intensity of her athletic endeavors while still embracing the element of fun. It was then that she stumbled upon dance fitness, and from the moment she took her first class, she knew she had found her calling. With over a decade of teaching experience under her belt, Megan's journey has evolved to encompass certifications as a personal trainer and nutritionist. Her greatest joy lies in empowering others to unlock their full potential, guiding them towards a path of holistic wellness and self-discovery.

In both her professional and personal life, Megan is guided by her unwavering commitment to her family. Married to her high school sweetheart, she now shares her life with two beautiful children, creating cherished memories exploring the great outdoors, playing with their beloved pets, and soaking in the sun at their family beach house. While her days may be filled with teaching, exercising, and guiding others on their wellness journey, Megan's heart is always with her family, where she finds her greatest fulfillment as a devoted mother.

Megan Crawford
Adrenaline Dance Fitness
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