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Milena Adams


Milena is thrilled to embark on her journey as an instructor at ADF, a community she fell head over heels for since joining in January 2022. Born and raised in the lively Scranton, PA area, she brings a vibrant energy and a passion for dance to the studio floor. With a degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Penn State under her belt, Milena's journey led her to Greenville on a whim, where she found her footing in corporate marketing.

Milena's heart has always been drawn to the rhythm of dance. From her days as a high school cheerleader and dancer to her involvement in dance fitness classes during college, she's always had an affinity for choreography. She took over our VXN classes in 2023 to rave reviews, even winning the "Smoothest Moves" award at our team holiday party! When she's not grooving on the dance floor, Milena indulges her adventurous spirit through travel, camping, sewing, and attending concerts and festivals. She is an avid reality TV watcher and self-proclaimed foodie.

Milena Adams
Adrenaline Dance Fitness
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