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Nicole Camacho

Business Development Manager

Nicole's journey to Greenville from her native Atlanta unfolded two and a half years ago, and she's been in love ever since. Introduced to ADF through Tiffany, the owner and a fellow leader at another local woman-owned small business, High Spirits Hospitality, Nicole found herself drawn to the spirited, welcoming, and fun community that defines ADF. While she may not consider herself a dance expert, Nicole recognizes a vibrant community when she sees one!

Behind the scenes at ADF, Nicole plays a crucial role in business development and membership retention. However, don't be surprised to find her front and center, sweating it out in one of our classes—so be sure to stop and say hello!

When she's not immersed in work or dancing her heart out, Nicole can often be found cozied up on the couch with a captivating book or experimenting with new recipes in her kitchen. Her love for thrifting, bowling, and the pursuit of the perfect dirty gin martini keeps her adventurous spirit alive. Family has always been super important to Nicole, and while her true family may not be nearby, Nicole is happy to have found a second family in the ADF community.

Nicole Camacho
Adrenaline Dance Fitness
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