Adrenaline Dance Fitness is…

more than just a dance studio – we’re a family!

At Adrenaline we focus on the love of dancing & music instead of weight & calories. When you join our classes and feel the routines, the weight loss follows. Our atmosphere is warm & inviting and all our welcome! No matter your fitness level or dancing skills, you will fit right in at Adrenaline. Currently, our studio is offering Zumba, Zumba Toning, Hip Hop/Cardio dance & Insanity classes. Dance fitness has proved itself to be a great fitness activity burning anywhere from 600 to 1200 calories per hour. The best part is that you hardly even realize you are working out…it just feels like a dance party!

Meet the Adrenaline Team!

Our instructors are part of our studio family!

Tiffany Norris

Owner & Instructor

Tiffany has had a passion for dance since she was a little girl.  She discovered Zumba about 7 years ago, fell in love with the fitness workout and has been dancing ever since.  Having dance fitness and clean eating as constants has lead  to a healthy and happier lifestyle.  The impact these changes made on her life stirred a drive and passion for helping others also have healthier lifestyles.  Tiffany grew up in Greenville, SC with her 4 younger siblings.  She loves Jesus, people, her dog Harmony, traveling, wine and coffee.  She is involved with several different volunteer programs in Greenville – Fostering Great Ideas, Mentor Upstate, VITA, Meals on Wheels and BOOST.  Tiffany graduated from North Greenville University with her Bachelor’s in Accounting and Business and works as an accountant for United Way of Greenville County when she’s not dancing at Adrenaline.

Jessica Cacciato


Jessica had always been an athlete. Growing up in New York, she played field hockey from 4th grade all the way into college at Clemson University. Besides field hockey, she never found an exercise she loved to do until she found Zumba in 2012. Although she didn’t get her license until about two years later, she fell in love with dance fitness. She moved to Greenville after attending Clemson University. Jessica has always struggled with her weight and body issues, but with Zumba and Weight Watchers, Jessica has lost over 50 lbs and couldn’t be happier. Jessica married her husband, Thomas, in June of 2017. When Jessica isn’t dancing at Adrenaline, she is enriching the minds of young 3rd graders in her classroom or helping women find their inner confidence and beauty through clothing as a LuLaRoe retailer.

Travis McGowan


Travis is a licensed instructor in Zumba, Zumba toning, Insanity Live, and Dance Fitness. He helps clients have fun and feel free while exercising in a no judgement zone. Travis has always enjoyed dancing and teaching others and has been instructing for 4 years. He got into the line of business in 2012 when he attended a Zumba studio with family. Travis’ favorite part about being a dance instructor is the freedom, because it allows him to show his personality through dancing. Also, to choreograph and teach clients his routines is always a lot of fun. When Travis is not working on new dance routines or Insanity workouts, he likes to workout at the gym, jog at the park, meet with family downtown, or read a good book. Travis is a dog lover, at home cook, and devoted son residing in Mauldin, South Carolina. He thinks of himself as a shy person, although he’s been known to break out of his shell when instructing a class. The things Travis loves most in life are his relationship with God, family, and dancing. A perfect day for him would include a six mile jog in the morning, teaching a class and hanging out with family. The kind of people Travis would like to meet are ones who are passionate about dance and have a positive attitude.

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It's going to be an awesome weekend with these two!! 😍 Class with Jessica Leigh Ruiz Saturday morning @930AM & class with Megan Terry Crawford Sunday @3PM!! 💜 If you want to live a healthy lifestyle you have to include the weekends! 😘
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I told you some EXCITING things are coming in 2018!! 😁 Soon we will have a complimentary glass of wine before or after class on Wednesdays and a complimentary mimosa before or after our 10AM class on Sundays! 🥂🍷 This is just ONE of the reasons we are pumped about the New Year! 🎉 More announcements will be coming soon... 😘
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Don't miss class tonight @630PM with Travis!! We'll be 🔥 some serious calories! 😎
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