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Brandon Graham


Brandon's journey spans from Greenwood to Saluda, SC, and now finds him embracing the vibrant rhythm of Nashville, TN. Since earning his Zumba Instructor license in May of 2018, Brandon has discovered a newfound sense of liberation through dance. Despite his innate shyness, he has found solace in the expressive art form of dance, allowing him to shed inhibitions and embrace his emotions freely.

Throughout his time as an instructor, Brandon has cultivated a deep affection for dancing to the infectious beats of Merengue, Salsa, and Reggaeton. For him, dancing isn't just a hobby—it's a cornerstone of his self-care routine, providing him with a sanctuary to rejuvenate his mind, body, and spirit.

When he's not lighting up the dance floor with his moves, Brandon enjoys spending time with his cherished family and friends. In his professional life, he thrives in property management, leveraging his skills to create welcoming spaces for others to call home.

A devoted sports enthusiast, Brandon's heart beats for his beloved USC Gamecocks, Carolina Panthers, and Charlotte Hornets. Whether he's cheering on his favorite teams or grooving to the rhythm of life, Brandon's zest for living shines through in every step he takes.

Brandon Graham
Adrenaline Dance Fitness
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