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Lori Simpson


Lori was born in Columbia, SC and raised in beautiful Greenville. She has been involved in dance since she was a child. Lori decided to become a Zumba instructor after attending many Zumba classes at a local studio. Driven by her passion for Latin beats—salsa, merengue, and bachata—Lori embarked on a journey to become a Zumba instructor. With each class she teaches, she shares not only choreography but also a contagious enthusiasm that bonds her with the ever-expanding Zumba family of students and instructors.

Motherhood brings its own set of challenges, yet Lori sees it as an opportunity to set an example of balance and self-care. Amidst the juggle of family and career, she carves out time for herself and her health, recognizing the importance of leading by example for her two sons. Through her dedication to dance and fitness, Lori hopes to ignite a spark in others, inspiring them to embrace a joyful and active lifestyle. With a "Make it fun!" mantra, Lori approaches each class as an opportunity to infuse enjoyment into fitness. Her infectious energy and genuine love for both dance and people radiate in every step she takes, wherever she goes.

When she's not captivating her students with her moves, you'll find Lori in Columbia, cheering on her beloved Gamecocks or basking in the company of friends, family, and her three canine companions.

Lori Simpson
Adrenaline Dance Fitness
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