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Madison Davis


Madison grew up in Charleston, SC, and she has been dancing since the tender age of two. She attended a magnet arts school for middle and high school, where her love for music and dance flourished. It wasn't until her senior year that Madison stumbled upon the world of dance fitness, instantly captivated by its invigorating energy and inclusive atmosphere. She took her first steps as an instructor during her sophomore year at Clemson, where she was also involved with the university dance team as a member and a teacher.

While Madison has explored various fitness disciplines, including barre and functional training, dance remains her true passion. She discovered Adrenaline Dance Fitness about two years ago and immediately fell in love with our community.

When she's not grooving to the beat or inspiring others to move, you'll likely find Madison indulging her coffee obsession, exploring nature on hiking trails, or enjoying quality time with her family, friends, or fiancé.

Madison Davis
Adrenaline Dance Fitness
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