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ADF Gives Back

During the month of May, you can focus on your fitness, impact the community, and help us reach our community goals, all with the chance to win awesome prizes!


The Goals


  • Reaching Community Fitness Goals Together

    • How many total classes can we hit in one month? For example, if you attend 20 classes in May and someone else attends 10, that's 30 classes toward our community fitness goal.

  • Sharing ADF Community With Others

    • How many visitors and friends can we bring to the studio in one month? Help us share our positive, inclusive space with others!

  • Impacting Our GVL Community Collectively

    • How many acts of kindness or community service can the ADF family reach in the month of May? Let's spread love and support to others in our community together!


Keeping Score


We'll set a goal in each category at the beginning of the month that we feel is achievable based on the number of participants.


Challenge registration is just $10. You must register to contribute to our community goals and to be entered into our prize raffles at the end of the month.


Every participating member or guest can contribute to our community goals by attending classes, bringing a friend, or sharing their acts of kindness through our community challenge platform.


At the end of the month, we'll randomly select one winner for each category where we met our goal.


What Could You Win?

Each community goal has its own prize.

  • Community Fitness Goals = 1 Free Month of Classes

  • Sharing ADF Community = Free ADF Apparel

  • Impacting the GVL Community = Donation to a Local Nonprofit


DM, text, or call to enter! You can also sign up in person at the studio before or after class!

ADF Gives Back Challenge
ADF Gives Back Challenge
ADF Gives Back Challenge
ADF Gives Back Challenge
Adrenaline Dance Fitness
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